Striping the capsule down using forceps - most important step in cataract surgery!!!

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Description: A cataract is a vision-impairing opacification of the lens, led by oxidative damage of the lens with aging. Treatment with lens extraction and artificial lens implantation is indicated when loss of vision occurs. This is a surgical procedure called Capsulorhexis. It consists of making a circular aperture in the anterior capsule of the lens, where the cataract is extracted and the Intraocular lens is inserted. In simpler terms, this technique is used to remove the capsule of the lens from the eye during cataract surgery by shear and stretch forces. It generally refers to removal of a part of the anterior lens capsule, but in situations like a developmental cataract a part of the posterior capsule is also removed. A small curved needle is used to start making small incisions around the anterior surface of the lens, forming a somewhat continuous hole that the lens could be removed through. Then, the usual method is to use the same curved needle to begin a tear in the capsule, and then either guide the edge with the same needle around the anterior surface, or use a special forceps to do the same.
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