Removal of IrisColor Implants

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Description: Like the 30-year-old female patient in this video, many people travel to Panama for this surgery (it is illegal in America, Canada, and United Kingdom). Few weeks after the procedure, both of the patient’s eyes were inflamed and she went to a cataract specialist, who then performed the removal surgery. (Her eyes showed chronic inflammation, high pressure and loss of endothelial cells). It was developed to treat individuals who have an iris that did not develop normally or who lack a natural iris. For these types of patients the benefits outweigh the risks. Complications are usually seen in people who have functional irises but choose implants for cosmetic reasons. Complications of Iris implant surgery are reduced vision or blindness, elevated pressure inside the eye that can lead to glaucoma, cataract, injury to the cornea, and inflammation of the iris or areas around it. In the surgery, a 2.4mm corneal incision was made, and the implants were removed with micro coaxial forceps. First the implant was retracted away from the incision, and then a second pair of micro coaxial forceps was used to grasp the implant. The implant was fully removed with a hand over hand technique. Once fully removed, the surgeon noticed a displaced pupil, and multiple full thickness of iris atrophy in both eyes. The patient did recover good visual acuity and the eye pressure dropped. Displaced pupil, and iris deformation remained.
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