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  • Bystander With A Gun Ruins A Punks Day

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    A man, suspected of assaulting a convenience store clerk in Wenatchee, was held at gunpoint by another man until police arrived. Police responded to what at first was a report of a man holding another man at gunpoint at the gas station, said Captain Edgar Reinfeld of the Wenatchee Police Department. Immediately before officers arrived it became a little bit more clear that the suspect in the assault on the clerk inside the store was the one being held at gunpoint by another citizen. Reinfeld said. The suspect, identified as Jaime Garcia-Aparicio, 38, of Wenatchee, was immediately taken into custody. It started when the suspect attempted to buy alcohol inside the store with no money. When he was refused he took one of the cans or bottles & threw it at the clerk, hitting her in the head, then came around the counter, shoved her to the ground and continued to assault her, Reinfeld said. When Garcia-Aparicio left the store, Jesse Altizer was pulling into the parking lot. Altizer was interviewed by police, and released without charge.
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