Sucking Chest Wound

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Description: The term for penetrating trauma (likely gun show wound (GSW) or stabbings) that has caused violation into the pleural space of the chest cavity. . Video depicting placement of a 3 sided occlusive dressing. This is more classic/historical teaching. Well, really it was placement of any bandange/pressure dressing. . VENTED CHEST SEALS: name brands include HALOs, HYFIN among others. The placement of these chest seals with "vents" are designed to prevent further external air from entering chest cavity (causes ing a pneumothorax) and also attempting to restore the negative pressure inside the pleural space to allow the lungs to inflate. . Placement of an occlusive dressing without vents or taping down all 4 sides if square shaped, can cause pneumothorax leading to a tension pneumothorax. . TENSION PNEUMOTHORAX: signs increased RR, hypoxia, cardiovascular collapse, deviated trachea opposite side of tension pneumo (late finding), absent breathsounds and shock (obstructive) with circulatory collapse. ***there may be a concomitant hemothorax with these injuries. . KEY: repeat evaluations. With placement of chest seals, closely monitor patient. You may need to "burp" the chest seal or place an NCD /finger thoracotostomy. Defenitive treatment (outside of other injury patterns) is a needed chest tube. Place that NCD 5th ICS anterior axillary line.
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