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  • Wendy of Truckee CA owner of coerced castrated slave cucky plus friends

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    This profile is dedicated to cucky, a naked castrated ball less slave who lives its' life in a small cage, and is used as a cock slave to service cocks in both holes, and as a toilet slave drinking piss and sometimes eating shit, and as well a menial grudge and a whipping boy. its' staple diet is dog food, vegetable peel, and liberal lashings of semen as a sauce. it is owned by its' beautiful ex-wife Wendy, born 1973, who lives near Truckee, California, U.S.A. with her sister Britney. cucky originally John from White Springs, West Virginia born 12thMarch 1964/65, a person of low intellect, easily led and socially isolated, married Wendy in 2004 and was immediately cuckolded by Wendy and her lovers. In 2009 John was divorced, coerced and duped to become a slave called cucky, and signed over all assets to Wendy, and a large inheritance to his estranged half sister Denise, and effectively made a non person. In May 2013 cucky was hung up by the banded balls for twelve hours, then using a burdizzo to clamp the balls, the nuts were cut out, ten days later the scrotum was snipped off and the skin stitched together with cucky eating the dried up sack. cucky is now a fully fledged cock and toilet slave, who stupidly believes that there is testosterone in sperm. There is a network of 'dominants' who keep coerced white male castrated slaves through out North America and in Europe, all hiding under the guise of lifestyle BDSM.