(RAW FOOTAGE) Thieves Get Obliterated By Semi (7/29/1997)

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Description: Occurred in Pleasant Hill, Iowa on July 29, 1997. This chase began when a Polk County Sheriff's deputy attempted to stop two individuals in a pickup truck suspected in the theft of a lawnmower tractor, but the driver fled, reaching speeds of over 90 MPH before the chase ended in one of the most grisly crashes ever captured on dash-cam. The small, black pickup approaches the intersection of NE 56th St. and Highway 163/University Avenue, one of the busiest roads in central Iowa. The light is red, but the driver does not stop. The pickup charges into the intersection and is met broadside by a flatbed semi traveling at approximately 60 mph. The light truck twists and disintegrates on impact, and both occupants of the vehicle are killed; the driver dies on impact, while the passenger dies a few hours later at the hospital. The remains of the stolen lawnmower tractor land over 50 yards from the point of impact.
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