Deadly Pleasure (18+)

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Description: 29 yr old Austrian man was found dead, strangled as the result of autoerotic asphyxiation. He had placed a mirror in front of himself, so he could watch himself being strangled and masturbating and a large cooking pan below him on which he was ejaculating. As can be seen, some cum got shot right in the mirror and from the amount of it in the pan, he had probably ejaculated more than once. Apparently it got him so aroused that he wanted more, until loosing all caution, passing out and getting strangled. Body was found no more than 30 minutes after death, when a female roommate unexpectedly came home much earlier from work. Breath "play" is a very dangerous activity and many people die because of it. Be warned and do NOT do it. You can NOT truly control it.
Categories: Accident Self Harm Suicide