Deadly Pleasure 2 (18+)

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Description: Young man, a Chinese security guard at the closed old factory had accidentally hanged himself and died as the result of autoerotic asphyxiation. Body was found around 6 hours after death when another security guard came to replace his shift. He did ejaculate before passing out on the side of the large gas canister next to him, as is shown in the photo. Also he had inserted a long wooden spatula up his ass, where it is also showing protruding from him. Yet another case highlighting dangers of breath "play". I am sure he never planned to die and most especially to be found like this on top of that. Stay away from deadly "pleasure" like that. It can create a very powerful sense of orgasmic euphoria and so becomes almost impossible to truly control from going further and stop. Result is death.
Categories: Accident Self Harm Suicide