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  • Inmate Executed In The Streets By Thugs

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    The inmate of the semi-open regime identified as Wallemberg Vieira Belo, 31, alias “Aldrin”, was executed with at least 15 shots this Thursday morning, 13, at Beco da Paz, Compensa 2 neighborhood, West Zone of Manaus. Faction members approached the man as he returned from the grocery store with a bag of bread. After being attacked "Aldrin" was thrown to the ground and executed. Several people were terrified by the extremely violent scene they witnessed. After the crime, the murderers, who, according to witnesses, were five men and all were armed, fled the scene on foot. The alley where the crime happened gives access to Rua Natal. This street, according to the police, is a “red area” due to the intense movement of drug trafficking The inmate's mother confirmed that he was on probation and was responding to the state court for the crime of homicide. Dona Maria das Chagas also said that her son had been trying to regenerate, he had three young children to raise and was a bricklayer. Currently “Aldrin” lived with his wife and children in the Nova Vitória Community, Gilberto Mestrinho neighborhood, East Zone of Manaus. According to the mother of the murdered man, the son moved to the Compensa neighborhood every day, because he was carrying out work on his home. The body was removed from the scene by the staff of the Legal Medical Institute at around 9:30 am. Military officers from the 8th Cicom conducted searches in the area, but none of those involved in the murder were arrested. The Homicide and Kidnapping Police Station will investigate the crime.
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