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  • Man Run Over By Truck Goes Sailing

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    A man who did not have his name identified was run over by a trunk truck late Saturday afternoon, 22, on Avenida Altaz Mirim (Grande Circular), in the East Zone of Manaus. The security camera of a building materials store recorded the exact moment of the hit and shows the man being hit and thrown against the asphalt when trying to cross the avenue. The driver of the trunk truck, who identified himself as Gerson da Silva, was arrested by a garrison of the Military Police and defended himself saying that he tried to detour when he saw the pedestrian coming down the curb of the avenue. The driver remained calm, and told the police that the pedestrian crossed the avenue without looking sideways, as if he wanted to commit suicide. A team from the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu) was called in and after providing the first aid at the location of the hit and led the man to the Hospital and Emergency Room Dr. Platão Araújo.
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